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  • Lemon 64 - Lemon 64 Forum All the help you need can be found here.
  • PC64 - Personal C64, the C64-Emulator for the PC.
  • Fairlight - The works of the Fairlight group, including cracks, magazines, docs and cbm.
  • Fairlight tools - The best and most comprehensive list of tools for many platforms.
  • VICE Emulator - The best Commodore emulator around. This has excellent C64 emulation.
  • Jac64 - Jac64 A 100% Java sed Commodore 64 Emulator.
  • Mayhem64 - In Monsterland a personal website & good cartridge resource.
  • - Online-Radio, which plays SID-Remixs.
  • Denial - The Commodore Vic-20 Community Site.
  • HVSC - High Voltage SID Collection, Commodore 64usic for the masses.
  • The Secret - Weapons of commodore that might have been.
  • Vesalia Online - All things commodore (very fast delivery).
  • - Commodore website links.

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